Leave us a review!

Leave us a review!

Awesome store and great customer service

Jeanelle P.

Great hometown jewelry store, super friendly, family owned and operated. I highly recommend.

Jason W.

I took a wrist watch to be repaired and they found nothing broken, all the watch needed was lubrication. Great service, fair price, and the most important thing for me, you can trust them!!

Arturo T.

I needed a battery for a watch and a pin for a extra link and I was amazed at how fast it was done and I was on my way. Before leaving I had to look around and found some amazing watches. I'm a Lastovica Customer for life now. Thanks a lot for the wonderful experience

Brandon D.

Lastovica has been excellent in refashioning my old jewelry into beautiful pieces that I wear with Joy!

Sue G.

Great personal service with genuinely helpful staff.

David B.

Had my husband's Masonic ring resized and they did a fantastic job!

Kathy D.

I went in to replace a watchband. When the quote for it was too high, I went ahead and bought new Citizen eco drive watch. I have always had good experience with them and explain what it will cost to fix something.

Todd L.

This place is absolutely amazing! They were amazingly patient when my husband began looking for my engagement ring two years ago. They were also very helpful when we bought our wedding bands. They have absolutely beautiful jewelry. If you are looking for unique, amazing quality engagement/wedding rings, this is the place.

Monica B.

Pleasant and professional.

Jeffrey M.

Great family owned business. Quality work!

Austin B.

I took my jewelry there to get it appraised and to have my rings soldered together. They did a great job and in a timely manner. Highly recommend.

Robin C.

Very honest people. If you need your watch repaired this is the place to go. They were nice and knowledgeable.

Rebecca W.

Great home town jewelers. Treat you like family.

Lynn B.

Long time outstanding family business. Been dealing with them for 30 plus years, highly recommended.

Craig M.

They were very helpful walking me through my purchase and resizing.

Ross M.