Lastovica Jewelry Repair

Temple, TX

Don't give up your favorite fine jewelry just because it's broken.

Whether you've lost a stone in your wedding ring or the watch your father gave you for graduation stopped keeping time, in most cases we can repair your favorite jewelry and restore it to like-new condition. We've been repairing jewelry at our family-owned shop since 1950, so most repairs are quick and easy for us. If you have questions about your damaged pieces and are wondering what we can do for you, give us a call or come on into the store!

Jewelry repairs can save your favorite jewelry

You'll be able to have our jeweler do almost any jewelry repair.

• Watches
• Bracelets
• Earrings
• Necklaces
• Rings

Bring your special piece in for an estimate today.

What if my ring is beyond repair?

It is very rare that a piece of fine jewelry like a ring or a pendant is completely beyond repair, but it sometimes happens.

You can still have us salvage your item by creating a new piece from the remains of the old one. We can use your original piece and add materials to custom cast you a new piece to maintain the history of the old.

Some of Our Services

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